What Corporate Training Is All About

A corporate training is one of the most significant parts of its growth and long-term investment strategies. Corporate training is a means of improving the employees’ performance, morale and skills, by concentrating on the professional development. Many organizations are implementing different corporate training program, to address specific needs, to promote new working practices, and standards. They consider this training to be the key to ensuring development in all spheres; so that the employees can strive in this competitive market to bring success on their behalf.

In order to grow and prosper, a company needs to train and educate its every employee. Until unless an organization, as a whole, advances forward or develops, it can’t be successful. It is the proper training through which a company builds real skills and leadership qualities. To know all about corporate training one must consider the different types of training that it offers. Leadership training, software training, management training and customer service training are some of the most vital corporate training.

Leadership Training

Leadership training is a very popular one among the professional development courses. Any company focuses on true leadership qualities which will be an essential part of the company’s growth and success.  Under this kind of corporate training, an organization offers different training workshops and course that helps in building strong teams within the organization. It may cover different areas, such as how to give presentations or how to manage a meeting etc. Leadership training help to build management skills also, and in some companies are necessary for reaching advance positions. It helps to learn to balance both the personal and organizational field, adaptability and increases collaborative skills.

Computer Training

Computer training is something that can be found almost in every organization. This part of the corporate training is meant to keep the employees up-to-date with the latest software changes and its advanced usage. In some companies, this kind of training is provided by using generally updated software. However, in some companies, project-based programming software are made and employees are trained on it. In the 21st century, it is quite essential that all the employees remain well-informed and well-trained in using the latest technology. Every time there come a change in the program, this particular corporate training makes sure that all the employees in an organization learn to maneuver through new functions.

Communication Training

Communication training is given to improve the communication skills of the employees. An effective communication plays a pivotal role in ensuring a company’s future perspective for success. In any workplace, the effectiveness of the verbal and non-verbal communication matters. A good communication does not remain restricted in just a talk; rather it goes on to influence others and bring forward new ideas. If there is a lack of proper communication within the employees of an organization, then the outside communication gets affected as well. With the increase of global transactions in business, the necessity for effective communication is equally increasing.

Apart from these significant ones, there are others like, customer service training, time management training, interpersonal skills management and various organizational training as well. To improve one’s knowledge and skills by providing some practical experience, there are different corporate enrichment programs. Corporate training varies by the area of the company involved. The quality and variations of corporate training are upgrading always. With the most upgraded and suitable training, there comes the chance of more professional development. Any training targets the behavior and throughout the process, new skills and procedures are learned. And it is through the courses and training programs that the creativity and dedication of the employees can be improved, by adopting the new ideas and methods.

Corporate Training: What is It and Why Do You Need It?

Making the case for corporate training

Corporate training has evolved rapidly in recent years to move beyond training just new hires, sales people and leaders. Learning and development professionals and corporate trainers are seen as strategic partners who are critical to the success of their business. Why? Organizations today suffer from a skills gap. And many companies say that it takes 3-5 years to take a seasoned professional and make them productive. This means companies have to train, retrain, and jointly educate employees and managers in order to grow. As millennials take on more responsibility, companies will need to build leadership and communication skills at all levels and in all locations around the world.

How can corporate training help an organization compete?

Formal classroom training is just one way to meet the skills gap. With an explosive growth in technology tools to train people today, the best corporate training programs provide multiple ways people can consume training, both formal and informal. Collaborative platforms, self-authored video, MOOCs, mobile and blended learning options are all becoming accepted corporate training tools. While skills gaps continue to challenge companies, an increased investment in company training programs is good for everyone: employees, businesses and new hires.

Organizations want employees who are engaged with their mission, values and vision and who have the skills needed to improve performance. Updating employees’ skills and preparing them for career advancement not only provides a better trained and more productive work force. It also generates higher employee satisfaction and retention.

In addition to classes or coursework, many corporate training functions are using certifications in addition to their corporate training programs to drive performance improvement and standards in real-world workplace situations. In-house certifications require both completed coursework and a demonstration of competency that is measured against pre-determined metrics. Corporate training certifications allow employees to achieve recognition for validated proficiency and expertise in achieving business results. A certification distinguishes an employee from their colleagues and can be woven into career development paths, promotions, or assignments on special high profile projects.

Finding a corporate training partner

Your corporate training efforts will be successful with the right training development partner. The Training Clinic is one of the most recognized corporate training companies in the US and has over 30 years of experience helping clients achieve success with practical and useful training, tailored to your specific objectives.

We specialize in train the trainer courses to upskill your corporate trainer and learning & development team and provide essential training skills for subject matter experts, supervisors or managers to shine in their classroom, virtual and on-the-job training efforts. Train the trainer courses include facilitator and instructor training, how to design training, how to be an effective performance consultant, how to manage the training function, and how to be an effective training coordinator. In addition, we offer a full range of soft skills training and workshops in communication, interpersonal, self-management, supervisory, management and leadership skills. All of our workshops are available for on site, blended or virtual delivery.

Our content and delivery philosophy focuses on:

Modeling state-of-the art design, facilitation and management of learning.

Practical learning by doing, not just by listening.

Class exercises and case studies that are customized to the client’s industry, typically at no additional charge to the client.

Asking participants to work on their organization’s real issues and develop action plans and materials to use on the job the very next day.

We also offer professional services to support corporate training efforts including custom instructional design, re-design or coaching; personalized group facilitation and planning; and performance consulting to help you tackle your organization’s performance issues from start to finish.

Closing the skills gap

Today more than ever, organizations need a high-functioning corporate training group to help close the ever-widening skills gap that threatens their ability to compete. The Training Clinic is the trusted partner of choice for corporate trainers and learning & development professionals worldwide. We provide practical and useful tools to make the job of trainers at all levels in the organization easier and more impactful. Above all, we want to share our expertise and passion for adult learning to help organizations improve performance and close the skill gap!