About Us

As one of the main world leaders in the area of cost management, Expense Reduction Analysts optimizes the costs of your business and find innovative solutions to satisfy your company’s needs in the best way. The resulting savings are the result of our extensive knowledge in the field, professional negotiations with suppliers as well as our knowledge in terms of quality, evaluation of their performance compared to their needs during the entire period of cooperation with Expense Reduction Analysts , maintains control over our transparent cost management process.

Most of our work is done outside of your work environment. Our processes, resources and systems guarantee a minimal impact on your internal resources. We monitor your supplier’s performance over a period aligned with the supply contract to ensure that all savings are realized, sustained and even increased over time. Throughout the process, we collaborate with you on a fully transparent basis, allowing you to maintain control of all the main aspects of the commitment.

We analyze in depth the current situation in each of the expenditure areas where there is potential for savings.
Options evaluation
We will present you with an options report, based on our know-
how and long experience in the supplier markets, to show you where savings can be achieved.